Beach Volleyball Dimensions

Beach volleyball is played on a rectangular sand court measuring 16 x 8 meters. Official volleyball rules mandate that the court must be composed of leveled sand and free of rocks and shells. Additionally, the sand must be at least 40 centimeters deep.

Lines on the Court

The court is divided in half by an elevated net. Within each half, lines are marked to designate the court boundaries. The lines must be a color that contrasts obviously with the sand. Two sidelines (16m each) and 2 end lines (8m each) mark the court boundaries.

All lines denoting the boundaries within the court are marked within the dimensions of that area and are therefore considered a part of the court or respective zone. In practice this means that if a ball hits the sideline or endline, it will be called “in” because the lines are considered a part of the court.


The Ball

A regulation volleyball must be spherical and made of a flexible leather or synthetic leather case. The ball should have a 65-67cm circumference and weigh between 260-280 grams


An elevated net is placed over the center line at a height of 2.43m for men and 2.42m for women. The net is 1.0m wide and 9.5-10m long.

Posts/Net Supports

The posts used to support the net must be placed 0.50-1.00 meters outside the sidelines. The net supports must be equipped with padding to cover the posts.

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