Choosing Replacement Grip for Your Field Hockey Stick

Replacement grip, commonly known as “re-grip,” is used to replace your old, worn-out grip. Replacing your old grip will make your stick feel like new without having to actually purchase a new stick.

Buying new grip can be confusing because there are so many options. Some grips are made to go over old grips and others replace it completely. If you’re in the market for replacement grip, keep reading. This field hockey guide will cover all of the important aspects you should consider before purchasing your replacement grip.


Most field hockey equipment brands carry replacement grip. So, the simplest way to determine which brand to purchase is to use the same brand as your stick. This will give your stick the same look and feel as its original grip. But if you want added features or a new style, there are tons of other brands and styles available. The main differences will lie in what each grip offers.


Style is a component that plays a major role in a grip’s performance. Depending on the climate you play in or how you want your stick to feel, there are various types of styles available. Three of the most common are:

  • Traction grip: Targeted to improve your hold on the stick.
  • Chamois grip: Used to get a strong hold in wet conditions, or if you have sweaty hands.
  • Soft cushion grip: Helps absorb the vibrating shock of the stick.

Make sure to read the description before making the purchase so you can find the right grip to fit your playing style.

Replacement vs. Over-grip

When you look for new grip, you will have two options. You can buy a completely new grip that replaces the old grip entirely (a replacement grip). Or, you can buy a grip that is placed on top of the old grip (an over-grip).

Buy replacement grip if your grip has gaps or is completely worn. But, if you just want better support from your grip, purchase an over-grip. Both grips will give you more support, so base your decision on the present condition of the stick.

Be careful not to mistake over-grip with replacement grip. If you remove your worn grip and replace it with over-grip, the stick will vibrate severely every time you hit the ball. The over-grip is much thinner than the replacement grip because it is only meant to enhance your original grip, not replace it. Just be aware of the function of the grip you purchase.

Hot Tip: Buy Adhesive Grips

Most grips come with “adhesive tape” so they can be easily attached to your stick. But for some grips, you have to buy the adhesive tape separately. For convenience, make sure to purchase a grip that comes with adhesive tape.

Grip It

Re-gripping your stick will make it look and feel brand new. Most of the time, the grip is the most used part of the stick. So, if you replace it regularly, you can keep the same stick for years. Re-grips range from $5 to $15, and a new stick can cost upwards of $100. Purchasing re-grip will definitely save you money.

Quality grips are sold online, at tournaments, and sometimes in sporting goods stores. But if you want to replace your grip immediately, the internet is your best option. See our guide How to Re-grip a Field Hockey Stick for information on how to apply your newly purchased re-grip. Get some grip and you’ll be on your way to having (what feels like) a brand new stick!

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