How to Tackle in Soccer

Proper Stance for a Tackle in Soccer

In order to tackle successfully in soccer, regardless of the type of tackle, it is very important that the player gets their stance correct. A player must always be on their toes. It is better to turn slightly sideways, so that the player can go both ways depending on where the attacker goes with the ball and then they must time their tackle properly. By understanding the distance between the player and the ball, the defensive player can judge this and tackle successfully by stepping in towards the player with the ball and winning the successful tackle. 

Timing a Tackle

In order to time a tackle properly, a player again must remain on their toes, watch the ball, and when the player with the ball has the ball slightly off their feet that is the time to go tackle. When one tackles, it is very important to lock the ankle. This offers a firm surface and the maximum strength to win the ball in the tackle. 

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

It is also very important for the player making the tackle to keep their eyes on the ball. When making a tackle, the player with the ball will try to attempt to make the tackler move and miss the tackle with their body movement. By watching the ball a tackling player is less likely to be distracted and more likely to make a successful tackle.

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